First Impressions: Forever Young

Everyone has different skin issues they’d like to focus on, but there’s one thing for sure – everyone wants younger looking skin! But how do we obtain that pure, youthful glow? Sure, we have traditional home remedies, organic products, drugstore products and even high-end luxury products. But how do we know what’s worth trying? How long do we wait for results? Will this product require millions of steps? When it comes down to it, all we want is something simple and easy, but worth it.


The Crème Shop’s Collagen Overnight Gel Mask just might solve your problems. This holy grail product offers so many anti-aging benefits that help skin fight wrinkles, crow’s feet, smile lines and fine lines. Not only is this product anti-aging and firming, but it is also extremely hydrating. The formula has a light, clean scent that isn’t too heavy, thick or tacky on the skin, but very soft, cooling, refreshing and, of course, comfortable. So far, so good, right?
Well, not only is it packed with benefits and has a great formula, but it’s also super easy and simple to use, too. After cleansing your face, apply just an even amount of product all over your face and neck, concentrating on any areas that need a little more hydration. And voila! It’s that simple and that good. All that’s left is waking up to noticeably smoother, hydrating and brighter skin. It’s even perfect to have in your bag and use any time during the day.

– Nicole Lopez from The Crème Shop Team

Fun Fact: Proteins make up around 20% of the mass of the human body, collagen makes up around 30% of the protein found in the human body.

Author: The Crème Shop

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