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Extend Your Eyes: Human Hair Eyelashes > Synthetic Eyelashes

Let’s get one thing out of the way: You could never have too many lashes! We know eyelashes can be a hit or a miss and finding quality lashes with the perfect style for yourself can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. Everyone wants high-quality eyelashes, but not everyone can tell the difference between quality human hair eyelashes and synthetic hair eyelashes. It’s all about preference, but we always recommend quality, especially if it’s a product you’re putting on your eyes! We here at The Crème Shop take pride in our 100% human hair eyelashes, ideal for beauty lovers who appreciate vegan, cruelty-free products. One of the ways to tell the difference between human hair eyelashes and synthetic hair eyelashes are the strips the lashes are attached to. Human hair eyelashes have a lightweight, thinner strip, whereas synthetic eyelashes have a thicker strip which makes for a heavier lash. Because they aren’t synthetic, our lashes are known to be longer-lasting and they look, feel and move like natural lashes. Eyelashes are an investment and you should …

Always Cruelty-Free

Many people have been asking us (more than once) if we’ve ever tested on animals. That answer is an emphatic NO! We do not and will never test on animals. Additionally, The Crème Shop refuses to work with vendors & suppliers that engage in product testing on animals. We just won’t do it. We are proud to be known as a cruelty-free brand that supports the organizations that continue to fight for our furry friends.  

Nice To Meet You, We’re The Crème Shop!

The Crème Shop was established as a brand in 2007, rolling out with false eyelashes as our first product. Since then, we have sought to create and deliver the best in beauty, skincare, and cosmetics for all beauty lovers from around the world while remaining cruelty-free and using gentle formulas and unique ingredients. From our skin-loving infused face masks, our variety of trendy lashes, and even the most common everyday beauty tools, The Crème Shop was made for everyone looking to enhance the beauty they already possess. Nicole Lopez from The Crème Shop Team